Diamond Graduate Program

To understand the mesmerizing, magical and invincible diamond, Independent offers The Diamond Graduate Program which is specifically designed to equip the learner with the knowledge to truly appreciate the diamond in all its glory, besides learning about the latest developments in the global diamond industry. In addition to the 4C's, the course covers how to differentiate between diamonds and diamond simulants, the identification of various clarity and color enhancements, as well as an overview of valuations according to domestic and international market conditions.

Program Overview

  • Evolution of diamonds from Mine to Markets
  • Mining processes and formation of diamonds
  • Manufacturing stages - from rough to polished
  • Diamond polishing techniques and processes
  • Use of diamond grading equipment to determine a diamond's characteristics
  • Assorting small diamonds (stars and melee)
  • Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat weight estimation and evaluation
  • Determination of Fluorescence and its effects
  • Grading of fancy shaped diamonds
  • Diamond grading as mounting permits
  • Identification of Treatments, Imitations and Synthetic diamonds
  • Understanding the Hearts & Arrows (H&A) effect in diamond
  • Factors affecting diamond pricing

Polished Diamond Grading Certificate

This intensive course will quickly help the student reach a level of expertise to confidently identify, grade and evaluate price demands according to international grading and trading practices. It will teach detailed grading techniques, and is ideally suited for individuals with time constraints.

Program Overview

A combination of intensive lab sessions and individual one-on-one instruction enables students to learn how to grade diamonds accurately using a gem microscope and 10x loupe.

Diamond Assortment & Mounted Jewelry Grading Certificate

The Diamond Assortment & Mounted Jewelry Grading program is specifically designed to assist students in grading parcels of loose diamonds, as well as mounted jewelry containing many small diamonds. Working with smaller diamonds requires expertise as well as speed. Analyzing and evaluating these small diamonds in mounted conditions is a difficult and challenging process, due to the wide range of available setting styles, as well as the influence the metal color has on the final diamond grade.

Program Overview

  • Sorting for Clarity, Color and Cut
  • Grading of various types of jewelry
  • Estimation of Carat weight in mounted conditions
  • Use of microscope to view hidden inclusions, imitations & broken stones
  • Tips to deal with metal reflection while color grading

Jewelry Design Graduate Program

To uncover hidden design talents and bring forth the creativity buried in the soul of the jewelry designer, Independent offers the Jewelry Design Graduate Program. This program brings out each individual's innate creativity, helping gem and jewelry professionals and enthusiasts alike to design with ability and confidence.

It teaches an apprentice designer the basics as well as the intricacies of designing all types of jewelry, along with estimating materials required and costs involved.

Through practical work the designers are encouraged and guided to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own individual styles.

Program Overview

  • Introduction to jewelry and understanding jewelry design concepts
  • Drawing and illustrating faceted and non-faceted gemstones
  • Introduction to types of jewelry mountings
  • Textures on metal
  • Designing various styles of jewelry
  • Gold, Diamond and Labour content calculation and budgeting
  • Pricing of diamonds and colored stones
  • Workshop on jewelry manufacturing
  • Designing an individual portfolio

Colored Stone Identification Certificate

To explore the exotic world of colored gemstones, Independent offers the colored stone identification program. This program will equip participants with the relevant grading and identification skills that help them to broaden their knowledge of gemstones. They will be able to evaluate various types of gemstones and become confident buyers, appraisers, retailers and investors.

Program Overview

  • Identification of varieties of gemstones available in the market
  • How to distinguish natural and synthetic gemstones
  • Use of basic equipment for identification
  • Understanding commercially important gemstones - Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald
  • Study of various treatments and stimulants
  • Determination of Origin
  • Pricing and Evaluation
  • Certificate standards
  • Guidelines on buying and investing in fine gemstones