Diamond Sorting

Independent offers a diamond sorting service upon special request. The sorting is based upon color and clarity range of the diamonds within the weight range of 0.05cts to 0.14cts. The selection criteria will be delivered in a sealed, tamper-proof plastic bag. Details for the same will be mentioned on the outside for quick reference.

CVD Detection

Today undisclosed uses of synthetics are a growing threat for the gem industry and to counter this, Independent offers the industry the latest technology in CVD detection services. To know more about our services kindly contact us.

Re-Examination Services

Diamonds that have been previously certified by Independent may be submitted for a re-examination in case changes are made to the Cut or Clarity criteria. Customers may re-submit the stones along with the original Independent Report. The diamond will be put through the entire re-examination process and a fresh report will be issued for the same. Diamonds holding a previous report other than Independent will be put through a fresh examination and will be treated as a first-time certification.

Laser Inscription

For those seeking to have a unique identification mark or dedication on their diamond. Independent provides with the latest laser inscription technology. Upon your request, a microscopic inscription is permanently etched on the girdle of the gem. This can be a unique identification number (as per the Independent Grading Report), the Independent logo, your own logo or a service mark, a personal message or symbol. The etching is microscopic and can be read under 10x magnifications. To avail this service, you will be required to produce a soft copy of the desired symbol, logo or text in Independent’s prescribed file format.

Pre-Grading of Solitaire

At Independent, we offer the facility of pre-grading solitaires with laser inscriptions. For manufacturers, this simplifies the task of identifying the gemstone after mounting it and issuing a certificate to the customer.

Quality Assurance

As a service Independent offers Quality assurance to service major American retailers who have manufacturing tie-ups with Indian manufacturers, ensuring the quality of product and diamond are as per QA Parameters set by the retailers.

Independent Mobile Labs save our customers the worry and hassle of transporting diamonds or jewelry to our laboratory and avoid the discomfort of depositing gems and jewelry on third-party premises. Based on your request, Independent will send a team of experts including a senior gemologist, a photographer and a data expert to your preferred location and certify mounted diamond jewelry on-site.

The Independent team will carry all the equipment required for the testing, analysis, grading and certification of your diamonds. As Mobile Labs is a request-based on-site service, it is available in select cities and requires a certain minimum number of gems to be graded and certified per visit.

The Independent guarantees that your Diamond and Certificate belong together.