Term and Condition

IGL gemologists using generally accepted rules, instruments and techniques of Analysis and Grading conduct the inspection of the articles mentioned on every report.

Diamonds are regularly screened to ensure correct origin on our reports. Unless expressly stated, the condition of the item(s) is good for its type, with deficiencies and repairs noted and recorded.

A Jewelry Identification Report is based on the analysis of the article, but also on data or documentation occasionally supplied therewith. Opinion may vary person to person. In any case neither IGL nor any member of its staff shall, at any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading and/or identification methods.

Jewelry / Diamond Identification reports, expresses an opinion at the time of inspection of the piece. It is not a guarantee / warranty, valuation or appraisal.

Enhanced Gemstones / Lab grown Gemstones are not always identifiable in mounted conditions.

Characteristics, Weights and Measurements are approximate when analyzed in mounted conditions. However in certain cases, restrictions due to the mounting or nature of setting, metal color could affect the accuracy of the result. Grading and Analysis is done as mounting permits.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are filled with a substance that is light and heat sensitive. Cleaning processes may result in damage to the filler. All grades are descriptive of the stone with the filler. If the filler is removed, clarity grades will normally decline one to two grades.

IGL & its Directors, Employees & agents are not responsible for or liable towards any claims arising out of the use of this report. IGL operates as an independent laboratory and has no financial interest in the sale / purchase of any precious / semiprecious stone/jewelry.

In the event of any claim by client/ agent or any person for damage to the article(s), or any direct or indirect damage due to use of this report, the liability of IGL shall be limited to the amount it receives as a fee in connection with this Report.